December 10, 2021 (United Kingdom)

May 7, 2021 (United States)

April 10, 2021 (International)


Christopher Benstead

Wrath of Man CAST

Starring by:  Jason Statham, Holt McCallany, Jeffry Donovan, Josh Hartnett, Laz Alonso, Raul Castillo, DeObia Oparei, Eddie Marsan, Scott Eastwood.

Actors and their roles:

  • Jason Statham as Patrick “H” Hill/Mason Hargreaves.
  • Scott Eastwood as Jan, former military, led by Jackson.
  • Holt McCallany as Patrick “H” Hill/Mason Hargreaves.
  • Jeffry Donovan as Jackson Ainsley, former platoon sergeant.
  • Josh Hartnett as “Boy Sweat” Dave Hancock, a Fortico guard.
  • Laz Alonso as Carlos, former military, led by Jackson.
  • Raul Castillo as Sam, former military, led by Jackson.
  • DeObia Oparei as Brad, former military, led by Jackson.
  • Eddie Marsan as Terry Rossi, a Fortico manager.
  • Andy Garcia as FBI agent.
  • Darrell D’Silva as Mike, Hargreaves’ henchman.
  • Babs Olusanmokun as Moggy, Hargreaves’ henchman.
  • Niamh Algar as Dana Curtis, a Fortico guard.
  • Rob Delany as Blake Halls, Fortico boss.
  • Eli Brown as Dougie, Hargreaves’ son.
  • Lyne Renee as Kirsty, Hargreaves’ helper.
  • Post Malone as a Robber.

Wrath of Man cast also includes Mark Crotone, James Warren, Eve Macklin, Phoene Franham, Rebecca Calder, Matthew Illesley and  Sham Shoubber.

Genres: Action, Thriller, Crime, Crime Thriller, Heist, Suspense.

Country of origin: United States, United Kingdom 

Languages: English

Director: Guy Ritchie

Producer:  Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Bill Block

Writer:  Guy Ritchie, Ivan Atkinson, Marn Davies,  

 Distributor: Lionsgate, Prime Video (United Kingdom, Ireland), United Artists Releasing (United States)

Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1

Runtime: 119 minutes

Wrath of Man Plot

Wrath of man is an action thriller film based on a French film, Cash Truck. The film follows the events after a robbery. The robbery took place in Los Angeles. Five months later after this robbery Patrick (Jason Statham) joined Fortico Security. Fortico Security is an armored truck company. The company used to transport millions of dollars in a cash truck. Patrick‘s trainer there nicknamed him “H”. 

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After passing the training of an armored truck guard, he starts the work with his colleagues. During a pick-up, the Bullet was taken to hostage. The kidnappers demand $2 million to release Bullet. Patrick being an expert deadeye  fights the kidnappers.

The owner and the other people of the company get impressed by “H” for his act of bravery in particular. They want to know who is he and where he had come from. But there was a secret motive for Patrick to join Fortico Security. He wants to find out the killer of his son. His son got killed in an armored robbery.

wrath of man

Wrath of man got mixed reviews from the critics. On the Rotten Tomatoes website, 67% of the critic’s reviews were positive for the film. PostTrack reports a 77% of positive audience score. The movie has grossed a total of $27.5 million in Canada and the United States. The movie grossed $1.34 million, during the opening week in Australia.

 Wrath of man  beautifully manages to work with multiple storylines. The intense action scenes have kept the audiences riveted. 

Wrath of Man Trailer

Wrath of man trailer introduces Patrick as a sharpshooter. The trailer also gives a hint at Patrick’s secret motives.