Directed By: Choi Jae-hoon

Produced By: Park A- hyoung

Written By: Choi Jae-hoon

Genres: Action, Drama, History

Release Date: September 23, 2022


  • Jang Hyuk
  • Joe Taslim
  • Kim Hyun-soo
  • Jung Man-Sik
  • Choi Jin-ho
  • Jang Hyun-sung
  • Lee Na-Kyung
  • Angelina Danilova
  • Ji Seung-Hyun
  • Kim Yoon-Tae
  • Ji Geon-woo
  • Brianna Roberts
  • Yang Hee-Woo
  • Kim Young sung
  • Han Changhyun
  • Jae-wan Jo
  • Park Gun-rak

Starring By

  • Jang Hyuk as Tae-yul, Joseon’s best swordsman
  • Kim Hyun-soo as Tae-ok, Tae-yul’s daughter
  • Joe Taslim as Gurutai
  • Jung Man-sik as Min Seung-ho
  • Lee Na-kyeong as Hwa Seon
  • Lee Min-hyuk as Gyeom Sa-bok, young Tae-yul
  • Choi Jin-ho as Lee Mok-yo
  • Ji Seung-hyun as Musa
  • Ji Gun-woo as Hwa Sam
  • Gong Sang-a as Jumo
  • Shin Jae-hwan as Sashin
  • Chun Yung-am as Mukan
  • Yoon Seong-hoon as Jo Chung
  • Angelina Danilova as Gurutai’s European mistress

Country of origin:  South Korea

Languages: Korean and Manchu.

Distributed by:

Runtime: 101 minutes.


With Jang Hyuk playing the title role, Choi Jae-The hoon’s Swordsman is a 2020 South Korean historical action movie. The strongest swordsman in Joseon, Tae-Yul, who serves as King Gwanghaegun’s bodyguard, declines to join a rebellion by the King’s senior officials who think he is too frail to lead the country against foreign invaders.

When Min Seung-ho, one of the rebel commanders, challenges him to a duel, Tae-blade Yul breaks and metal shards pierce his eyes. The King personally ends the duel, announces his intention to step down from the throne, and frees Tae-Yul from his obligation to serve.

the swordsman

A more senior Tae-Yul now resides with his adolescent daughter Tae-ok after many years. Tae-ok is growing increasingly irritated with her father’s refusal to allow her to leave their mountain home and work as a trapper, but Tae-Yul responds that the world is far more dangerous than she realizes and that he simply wants to protect her.

An area monk informs Tae-ok that Tae-Yul may soon become completely blind if his eyes are not treated with specific herbs because his wounds have gotten worse. The trader Hwa Seon receives them from the monk, but Seon informs him that they are excessively expensive and only available to people with political connections.

the swordsman

Gurutai, a relative of the Qing emperor who made money by enslaving and selling prisoners obtained during the previous Qing invasion of Joseon, pays a visit to the Joseon royal court. The King and his counselors are concerned that Gurutai may soon compel them to give their own children up to Qing lords as “tributes,”.

Despite the fact that their country is already suffering under the corrupt control of the Qing. Respected court official Lee Mok-yo decides to petition the King to begin openly opposing the Qing and their demands.


Qing Riflemen

While leading a group of royal guardsmen in an attempt to save his daughter, Lee is forced to watch helplessly as Qing riflemen shoot and kill his men. When Tae-Yul arrives, he kills both Gurutai’s assassins and the entire company of riflemen. When he finally passes out from weariness, Lee and Seon arrive to save him and give him the herbs.

Seon acknowledges to Tae-Yul that he will still lose his vision and be unable to fight after that. With hardly much time left, Tae-Yul approaches Min, who has since joined Gurutai after having betrayed Lee out of disdain for his selfish tendencies.


Min is forced to submit after a brief duel, at which point Gurutai slashes his throat as punishment for losing. In the climactic confrontation, Gurutai commands his mistress to hold Tae-ok at knifepoint while a Qing envoy watches the fight.

Gurutai appears to be in control at first, but Tae-Yul manages to stab his mistress in the neck, saving Tae-ok, before disarming and impaling Gurutai with his sword. Tae-ok and the other slaves are able to escape because the ambassador prevents his guards from intervening. Tae-Yul holds his daughter as he gradually loses his vision.


The sole child of King Gwanghaegun, Tae-ok is not Tae-real Yul’s daughter; instead, the King gave Tae-Yul the responsibility of raising her as his own so he would have a reason to live, as revealed in a flashback. Tae-Yul declares that he is prepared to see the rest of the world as the film finishes as he and Tae-ok slowly down the mountain.