/Genre: Adventure, Action

Directed By: Kim Jeong-Hoon

Writers: Chung Sung-il

Produced By: Song Yong-Woon

Starring: Jennifer Sun Bell, Kang Ha-neul, Jason Her

Production companies: Lotte Entertainment, ANEW, Oscar10studio

Distributed By: Lotte Entertainment

Release Date: January 26, 2022


The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure is an uninspiring film about pirates on the high seas. The film’s success or failure hinges on the audience’s ability to sit for long stretches of time. Without becoming bored because of the action, since the plot is thin. The characters are undeveloping, and the humor is hit or miss.

As a result of its lack of complexity and surprises, The Last Royal Treasure may be. A rather calm and uninspiring film at times. The cast of Last Royal Treasure is fairly fascinating, and the performers do a wonderful job with the material they’re given. Those who have seen the first film will find. That the themes presented in Last Royal Treasure are mostly recycled. With a dash of Pirates of the Caribbean. At World’s End thrown in for good measure.

the pirates

The crew, led by Captain Hae-Rang, embarks on an adventure in pursuit of wealth. While traveling, though, they encounter a group of fishermen and meet the charming Mu-Chi, who claims to be the strongest sword fighter in all of Goryeo.

Following some betrayal, conflict, and calamity, the two groups unite in pursuit of royal gold that may secure their futures. In reality, it’s a very straightforward fetch mission; nevertheless, the crew encounters another pirate gang with the same plan, setting up somewhat of a chase as they both try to make off with the treasure.

It’s a pity, since compared to something like Pirates of the Caribbean, this doesn’t even come close. Even though it’s about 20 years older, that movie is light years ahead of this one. Rather of using irony or self-aware comedy, Last Royal Treasure plays everything straight, which causes the film to drag. An enjoyable entertainment is there, but it comes at the price of a story that is difficult to care about and lacks unexpected twists and turns.

the pirates

Although the CGI and visual effects are hit or miss, The film’s last act seems like it was lifted. Straight from Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. The computer-generated penguins look terrible, and the physics are all over the place. Even yet, the film’s heightened tone allows for some leeway on the last point.

However, the number of deus ex machina and convenient plot twists is less forgiving. Something, whether it a whale, a person, or a rare meteorological phenomenon, is always there to rescue our heroes when they are in peril. These parts of the plot just emphasize the problems already addressed.

the pirates

The Last Royal Treasure has several issues, but it’s still a good time at the theater. A lot of problems exist, yet there’s still enough good stuff to keep you interested until the finish. Swashbuckling action is always a bonus, and the acting is top notch all around.

It’s not flawless and it doesn’t compare to other maritime adventures, but if you’re in the mood for some rip-roaring action and can get beyond the plot problems, you could find just enough to enjoy, warts and all.