Director: Julius Berg


  • Christopher Carmona
  • Serge de Poucques
  • Sylvian Goldberg
  • Laurent Hanon
  • Nadia Khamlichi
  • Adrian Politowski
  • Gilles Waterkeyn

Genre: Thriller, Crime, Police procedural


  • Samuel Labarthe as Gaspard Decker, a detective.
  • Suzanne Clement as Virginie Musso, a cop.
  • Alexia Barlier as Eve Mendel, an eccentric teacher
  • Frédéric Diefenthal as Vincent Musso, Virginie’s husband and Maya’s adopted father.
  • Patrick Ridremont as Thierry Rouget.
  • Nicolas Marie as Gilles Lopez, the principal at the highschool.
  • Martha Canga Antonio as Maya Musso Virginie and Vincent’s adopted daughter.
  • Gilles Vandeweerd as Philippe.
  • François Neycken as Julien
  • Mélusine Loveniers as Lola Decker, Gaspard’s daughter
  • Inès Bally as Océane Rouget, Thierry’s daughter . who eventually also goes missing
  • Christian Crahay as Dr Abraham Mendel, Eve’s adopted father
  • Isis Guillaume as Jennifer Lenoir, a sixteen-year-old girl who’s disappearance instigates an investigation.
  • Anne-Pascale Clairembourgas Audrey Rinkert
  • Gaëtan Lejeune as Manoa Willem, a wildman living in the forest;
  • Manuka Stratta as Random Person 1

Starring by:  

  • Samuel Labarthe
  • Suzanne Clement
  • Alexia Barlier

Production Companies: Carma Films

Country of origin: France

Languages: French

Release Date: 30 May 2017

Distributor: Netflix, About Premium Content

Runtime: 52minutes



The Forest is a French television series of 6 episodes. Filming of the series took place at France. Most part of the series is also shot in Wallonia.


The Forest plot follows the investigation of a teenage girl Jenifer Lenoir who goes missing in a forest in Ardennes. Jenifer’s teacher helps the police in the investigation. She also had a scarring experience in the same Forest during her childhood.

Lieutenant Virginie Musso and Captain Decker start investigations about Jenifer’s case. When Jenifer goes missing, her teacher, Eve, receives a panicked call from her. But the call disconnects. Eve also has a past connection  with the Forest in which Jenifer goes missing.

the Forest

Eve was found as an injured child without knowing what had happened to her. During the investigation of Jenifer’s case, the police also discovered other strange events in the Forest. Louise Martin and schoolgirl Melanie Krootz  went missing in the forest in  2005 and 2006 respectively.

Maya is accused of sending threatening messages to Jenifer’s locker. Maya asks her father about Jenifer and his affair. He said that it is over now. Jenifer was found buried naked in the Forest. The postmortem report discovers that Jenifer was raped and murdered.

Thierry was under the suspect; the police arrests him as the blood residues were found at his place. But later, Eve revealed that blood came from his daughter, Oceane.

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Maya and Oceane Goes Missing

Meanwhile, Maya and Oceane go missing the same way  as Jenifer. Eve founds female undergarments and a doll in the Forest, but those don’t belong to Maya. It is then revealed that three girls visits the same Internet café together. They were also chatting with the same individual.

After the DNA results come out, Vincent gets arrested. He claims he broke up with Jenifer but denies raping or killing her. The police arrest the man who hires Oceane as a prostitute. He reveals that Oceane and Maya are both alive and together. Police find Oceane, but Maya is not with her. Oceane tells Maya was with her. She backed out at the last moment when she talked to her about prostitution.

the forest

Eve finds some bones in a shallow grave in the Forest. The one set of bones belongs to the schoolgirl who went missing in 2006. The other skeleton was of Eve’s mother, discovered by the DNA test. Police raided Gilles Lopez’s house and found a video message for Virginie sent from Maya.

Maya pleads Virginie to follow Lopez’s instructions in the video message. Lopez tries to escape to Belgium . But he gets arrested by police in Ardennes, while Maya escapes from there.