Directed By: Sean Ellis

Produced By:

Mathilde Charpentier as co-producer

Sean Ellis as producer

Mickey Liddell as producer

Genre: Horror, Fantasy, Mystery

Release Date: January 30, 2021


  • Boyd Holbrook as John McBride
  • Kelly Reilly as Isabelle Laurent
  • Alistair Petrie as Seamus Laurent
  • Roxane Duran as Anais
  • Áine Rose Daly as Anne-Marie
  • Amelia Crouch as Charlotte

Distributor: LD Entertainment

Runtime: 113 minutes

Countries: United Stated, France

Language: English


A mysterious, conceivably The Cursed supernatural threat jeopardises a small village in sparsely populated 19th century France. Pathologist John McBride arrives in town to investigate the threat and exorcise some of his own demons.


During the Battle of the Somme, a wounded French captain with three bullet wounds in his abdomen is brought into a medical tent. During the procedure to remove the German bullets, the surgeon discovers and removes a fourth silver bullet that was not designed by the Germans.


Firstly, in The Cursed, Thirty-five years earlier, in the end of the nineteenth century, in 1881, brutal land lord Seamus Laurent led a slaughter of a Roma clan who had a claim to his land and settled there, on the advice and approval of the village elders. The Roma leaders had cast a set of silver dentures in the shape of wolf’s fangs for their protection the night before, anticipating their impending danger.

The Roma leaders are apprehended and killed during the massacre. One has his hands and feet severed before being lashed to a cross and erected as a scarecrow to serve as a warning to others who may attempt to settle the land. The other is buried alive, clutching her silver fangs.

the cursed


Soon after, in The Cursed, the residents of the town, including Seamus’ children Edward and Charlotte, are plagued by nightmares about the Roma scarecrow and the silver fangs. Following which, Timmy reveals to the other kids one day while playing that he knows where the nightmare scarecrow is. He (Timmy) leads the children to the scarecrow, swearing them all to secrecy, especially Edward and Charlotte (whose father would banish his family if he discovered their actions).


He (Timmy) is overcome with the desire to dig up the scarecrow’s silver fangs as soon as he arrives. Timmy has retrieved the fangs and placed them in his mouth before Edward can stop him. Timmy then attacks Edward, viciously biting his throat while the other kids flee in terror. Charlotte flees to her family’s manor, where she can alert her parents and their staff despite her shock.

Furthermore, in The Cursed Film, Seamus works quickly to resuscitate Edward. Who has been seriously injured but is not dead. Timmy has vanished. Edward, according to the doctors, was attacked by a wild animal. Charlotte does not reveal what happened because she is concerned for Timmy and his family. Edward becomes critically ill. Charlotte is awakened during the night by Edward’s screams and discovers.

Him been ensnared by wood-like vines emerging from his body. Charlotte flees to her parents, but Edward has vanished into the night by the time they arrive. The following day, Seamus organises a search party for Edward but is unsuccessful.

the cursed


Charlotte visits the local church to pray and meets Timmy, who claims he has no recollection of what happened after digging up the silver fangs and is worried about Edward now that he has vanished. Timmy is reassured by Charlotte that no one has spoken of his actions and that his family is safe from exile. When Charlotte questions Timmy about what he did with the silver fangs, he reveals that he kept them hidden in the church.


He then reads from the Book of Ezekiel to Charlotte, implying that the silver fashioned into the fangs is derived from the same thirty pieces of silver paid to Judas for his betrayal of Jesus. Timmy flees when Charlotte’s maid discovers the kids in the confessional. As Timmy flees into the woods, he is pursued by an unseen beast into an abandoned shack, where he is quickly slaughtered.

Meanwhile, pathologist John McBride arrives in town in search of information on the Roma on the move. He meets and befriends the local cop, Alfred Moliere, who enlists John’s assistance in locating the missing Edward. Moliere and John join forces with Seamus, who reveals that the situation has become more complicated as a result of the discovery of Timmy’s corpse, which is also thought to be the result of a wild animal.


Moliere returns to town, believing there is nothing else that can be done, but John offers to stay to help Seamus. Seamus hosts John in his manor while he investigates what happened to Edward, including examining blood samples dripped on the door as Edward fled. When John examines Edward’s blood, he discovers that they have bonded with and converted his blood cells, confirming his suspicions.

He orders Seamus to board all of his house’s first-floor doors and windows, and that no one in the house or village should go outside without an armed escort. Seamus agrees, despite his reservations. That night, a strange wolf-like creature attempts unsuccessfully to gain entry to Seamus’ house.

the cursed


Despite their reservations and fears of being attacked, three townspeople who drew short straws enter the fields to work. Their fears are soon confirmed when Jacob and Caleb are killed and Anne-Marie is critically injured. Anne-Marie is able to return to town and inform them of what happened. When John learns that Anne-Marie has survived her attack but has been bitten, he rushes to the town, but it is too late to stop an already transforming Anne-Marie from fleeing.

Recognizing that the infection has gotten out of hand, John has the town elders gather everyone to fortify inside the local church while he goes in search of the beasts. John traps and kills one of the beasts near the abandoned shack where Timmy was killed. He brings the creature’s corpse to Seamus’ stable, where he has the autopsy performed in front of Seamus and the town elders.

With both of their parental figures dead and their home destroyed, John is ordained as Charlotte and Edward’s guardian. Charlotte reverts to John the three silver bullets she found just after church attack. The adult Edward is revealed to be the mortally wounded Captain in the opening war sequence (from thirty-five years later), having had the silver bullet lodged inside him since he was shot as a creature/child in the church.

the cursed

Edward dies on the operating table, and an elderly Charlotte returns the fourth and final recovered silver bullet to a much older John on his death bed.