Director: Alastair Reid

Produced by: Gali Barringer

Genres: Drama

Release date: June 7, 2019


  • Laura Linney as Mary Ann Singleton
  • Elliot Page as Shawna Hawkins
  • Paul Gross as Brian Hawkins
  • Murray Bartlett as Michael “Mouse” Tollive
  • Charlie Barnett as Ben Marshall
  • Garcia as Jake Rodriguez
  • May Hong as Margot Park
  • Olympia Dukakis as Anna Madrigal
  • Barbara Garrick as DeDe Halcyon Day
  • Ashley Park as Jennifer / Ani
  • Christopher Larkin as Jonathan / Raven
  • Zosia Mamet as Claire Duncan
  • Michael Park as Robert Watson
  • Caldwell Tidicue as Ida Best
  • Dickie Hearts as Mateo
  • Michelle Buteau as Wren
  • Victor Garber as Sam Garland
  • Benjamin Thys as Eli
  • Samantha Soule as Inka
  • Juan Castano as Flaco Ramirez
  • Matthew Risch as Harrison
  • Jen Richards as young Anna Madrigal
  • Daniela Vega as Ysela

Music composer: Jay Wadley

Starring by

  • Laura Linney
  • Elliot Page
  • Paul Gross
  • Murray Bartlett
  • Charlie Barnett
  • Garcia
  • May Hong
  • Olympia Dukakis
  • Barbara Garrick

Country of origin: United States

Languages: English

Distributor: Netflix

Story By: Armistead Maupin

Runtime: 46-60 minutes


The Armistead Maupin’s Tales of the City American drama streaming television miniseries, which is based on Maupin’s Tales of the City novels, debuted on Netflix on June 7, 2019.

The 1993 original Tales of the City and its follow-ups More Tales of the City and Further Tales of the City starred Laura Linney, Paul Gross, Olympia Dukakis, and Barbara Garrick in their respective roles (2001). It was Dukakis’ last on-screen appearance before her passing.



Mary Ann Singleton, a secretary from Cleveland, Ohio, comes to San Francisco in 1976 and makes the hasty decision to stay. She locates a residence in the oddball, marijuana-growing Anna Madrigal’s 28 Barbary Lane apartment building.

Mary Ann makes friends with the other tenants of the building, including the hippyish, bisexual Mona Ramsey, the serial lothario Brian Hawkins, the lovely and affable gay guy Michael Tolliver, affectionately known as “Mouse,” and the owner of the rooftop shed, Norman Neal Williams.

Tales of the city

Mary Ann is hired to serve as Edgar Halcyon’s secretary. Halcyon is the obnoxious, affluent advertising agency owner where copywriter Mona works. The ad executive Beauchamp Day, who is unhappy to be married to Edgar’s socialite daughter DeDe.

Ultimately convinces Mary Ann to give in to his advances. However, Beauchamp Day cannot perform while in bed with Mary Ann. They start an adulterous relationship after Edgar, who is terminally ill but hasn’t notified his family, meets Anna in the park.

tales of city

Beauchamp purposefully leaves Mary Ann’s scarf in his car where it will be discovered by an attention-seeking DeDe who has sex with 18-year-old delivery guy Lionel Wong. After meeting the charming physician Jon Fielding, Mouse realizes he is not interested in having casual sex with anyone else. He defeats Jon over his $100 victory in sex in his underpants dance competition.

Suspicion of DeDe:

DeDe’s suspicion that she is pregnant is confirmed by Jon. Therefore, Dorothea Wilson, a black model, travels from New York in the hopes of renewing her romance with Mona.

Anna is devastated to learn that Mona has moved in with Dorothea without saying goodbye. For Mona’s mother, Norman is quietly looking into Anna. Columnist Carson Callas uses extortion to force DeDe into a relationship with him in exchange for keeping her pregnancy a secret. Beauchamp decides to keep her child as her fresh interest in DeDe wanes.

tales of the city

Jon had sex with Beauchamp at the spa, a man he has never met before. Dorothy has been hiding her true race, which is Caucasian, from Mona in order to advance her modeling career.

DeDe and Beauchamp tell Edgar he’s going to become a grandfather as he’s passing away at home. Despite spending time with Norman, Mary Ann finds out he is a child pornographer. He stumbles when she confronts him, falling off a cliff. His paperwork on Anna is discovered by Mary Ann, who destroys it.

tales of the cities