Directed By: Joseph Kosinski

Screenplay By:

  • Rhett Reese
  • Paul Wernick

Produced By: 

  • Eric Newman
  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Rhett Reese
  • Paul Wernick
  • Agnes Chu
  • Geneva Wasserman
  • Tommy Harper
  • Jeremy Steckler


  • Chris Hemsworth
  • Miles Teller
  • Jurnee Smollett

Cinematography: Claudio Miranda


  • Chris Hemsworth as Steve Abnesti
  • Miles Teller as Jeff
  • Jurnee Smollett as Lizzy
  • Mark Paguio as Mark Verlaine
  • Tess Haubrich as Heather
  • Angie Milliken as Sarah
  • Stephen Tongun as Ray
  • Daniel Reader as Ryan
  • Sam Delich as Adam
  • BeBe Bettencourt as Emma
  • Joey Vieira as Miguel
  • Ron Smyck as Dave
  • Nathan Jones as Rogan

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Edited By: Stephen Mirrione

Production Companies:

  • Netflix
  • Grand Electric
  • The New Yorker Studios
  • Condé Nast Entertainment (uncredited)
  • Screen Arcade (uncredited)
  • Reese Wernick Productions (uncredited)

Distributed By: Netflix

Release Dates:

  • June 11, 2022 (Sydney)
  • June 17, 2022 (United States)

Running Time:  107 minutes

Country: United States

Language: English


Based on George Saunders’ dystopian short tale “Escape from Spiderhead,” which was initially published in The New Yorker in 2022, Spiderhead is an American science fiction psychological thriller film that was directed by Joseph Kosinski and written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick. Starring in the movie are Miles Teller, Jurnee Smollett, and Chris Hemsworth.

The plot revolves around prisoners who take part in research using mind-altering substances in an opulent jail. 2020 saw Australia host principal photography. The film Spiderhead had its Sydney premiere on June 11, 2022, and was made available on Netflix on June 17. Critics had differing opinions on the movie.



Firstly, The impacts of research substances are being tested at Spiderhead, a cutting-edge prison. Technically state inmates, the test subjects are willing participants in the initiative to shorten their terms of imprisonment. Steve Abnesti, who is kind and welcoming, and his assistant Mark are in charge of the programme.

Secondly, The inmates live in their own quarters, perform tasks. And they walk freely without fear of guards. Every day, different medicines are tested on the individuals to see how they affect their emotions and perceptions of their environment.

Inmate Jeff, who is still in shock over the fact that he killed his companion while driving drunk, is administered N-40, a “love drug,” which clouds his judgement and compels him to engage in sexual activity with two of his fellow prisoners. Steve instructs him to pick one of them to administer Darkenfloxx, a substance that causes extreme terror and psychological suffering. When the affects of the love medication wear off, he claims he has no strong feelings for either of them and refuses to make a decision.

Also, The next day, Steve informs him that the “higher ups” have decided that he and Heather, the younger of the two ladies, must both receive an injection. However, the injection will only last for five minutes. Jeff grudgingly agrees, and to his horror, Heather kills herself while taking Darkenfloxx after mistreating her MobiPak, which is the device used to deliver the medication.

Furthermore, This makes Mark distrust the quality of their job at the facility. Steve drops his keys in the haste with which he exits the projection room. There are no “higher-ups” since Abnesti Pharmaceuticals, which Jeff discovers when he opens Steve’s desk compartment, runs the institution. They use a bingo board to label the medications.

Due to the fact that Steve has a MobiPak fitted, the two of them become high on a laughing substance together. Steve reveals to Jeff that when he was a youngster, his father left him.

Following which, Jeff reveals to Lizzy, a fellow prisoner with whom he has a strong relationship, that the automobile accident he caused resulted in the deaths of his fiancée and his buddy. Lizzy gives him a hug before they kiss. Steve is aware that Jeff has affections for Lizzy. When Jeff confronts Mark, who has begun to question Steve’s motivations, Mark cries.


When Steve requests that Jeff give Lizzy Darkenfloxx, Jeff seizes control of Steve’s MobiPak and compels him to acknowledge that the real purpose of the programme is to test the compliance drug B-6. The other medications are essentially side projects being utilised to put B-6 to the ultimate test: whether or not they would damage their love when instructed to.

Moreover, Inmates had actually been under the effects of the obedience pill the whole time they had agreed to the different examinations. Steve also reveals to Jeff that Lizzy’s application for parole had been denied the week before, despite the fact that he had really served his whole term seven months earlier.


Jeff tries to compel Steve to turn over the pocket knife after coercing him into opening the main entry door so that Lizzy may escape. Lizzy becomes distraught and makes an attempt at suicide as a result of Steve’s refusal to comply. He instead grabs his phone and activates all four Darkenfloxx vials in Lizzy’s MobiPak. Jeff manages to disarm Steve during their struggle for dominance while also breaking his MobiPak.

When Steve gets up, he informs the other prisoners to find Jeff and Lizzy and arrest them. However, Jeff rushes to save Lizzy, successfully removes the vials of Darkenfloxx, and tells her he loves her. After gaining the upper hand against a few of the other prisoners and sealing the main entrance behind them, they are able to flee from Spiderhead.

As Mark and the cops are now approaching the island, Steve flees on his floatplane but, high off of his broken MobiPak, he happily crashes into a mountain. Jeff and Lizzy use the last motorboat to get away in the meantime.  In a voice-over, Jeff says that self-forgiveness is a choice that must be made rather than something that can be fixed quickly.