Directed By: Bong Joon-ho

Produced By:

  • Jeong Tae-sung
  • Steven Nam
  • Park Chan-wook
  • Lee Tae-hun


  • Chris Evans
  • Song Kang-ho
  • Jamie Bell
  • Tilda Swinton
  • Octavia Spencer
  • Ewen Bremner
  • Go Ah-sung
  • John Hurt
  • Ed Harris


  • Chris Evans as Curtis Everett
  • Song Kang-ho as Namgoong Minsoo
  • Ed Harris as Wilford
  • John Hurt as Gilliam
  • Tilda Swinton as Minister Mason,
  • Jamie Bell as Edgar
  • Octavia Spencer as Tanya
  • Ewen Bremner as Andrew
  • Go Ah-sung (credited as Ko Asung) as Yona Minsoo
  • Alison Pill as Teacher
  • Vlad Ivanov as Franco the Elder
  • Luke Pasqualino as Grey

Genre: Action, Science Fiction, Thriller

Release Date:

29 July 2013 (Times Square), 1 August 2013 (South Korea)

Runtime: 126 minutes

Language: English


South Korea

Czech Republic

Distributed By:

The Weinstein Company (North America)

CJ Entertainment (South Korea)


Snowpiercer is a 2013 post-apocalyptic science-fiction action movie based on the French visual climatological fiction book series Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob, Benjamin Legrand, and Jean-Marc Rochette. Bong Joon-ho directed the film, which was written by Bong and Kelly Masterson. The film is a South Korean-Czech co-production, and it marks Bong’s English-language debut; about 85 percent of the dialogue is in English.


To Begin with, in the Movie Snowpiercer, for year 2031, 18 years after an attempt to reverse global warming by stratospheric aerosol injection catastrophically backfires, causing a new ice age, the remains of civilization have boarded the Snowpiercer, a self-sustaining circumnavigational train run by reclusive transportation billionaire Wilford. While, The passengers on the train are separated, with the wealthy in the luxurious front carriages and the impoverished jammed into dismal rear cabins guarded by armed guards.


Furthermore in Snowpiercer, Curtis Everett and his second-in-command, Edgar, lead the tail passengers in a mutiny after discovering the guards’ firearms have no ammo; bullets are thought to be extinct owing to a previous insurrection. They liberate Namgoong Minsoo, an imprisoned security specialist who demands the release of his clairvoyant daughter, Yona.

Namgoong aids the tail mob’s advance, but they are confronted by guards using melee weapons and overseen by Minister Mason. During the conflict, the train enters a tunnel, generating utter darkness. The guard force, which has night vision, begins picking out the blind rebels. However, the tail-sectioners launch a counterattack with torches, pushing the soldiers back.

Moreover, Edgar is taken captive, but Curtis abandons him to catch Mason, leading her to order the remaining guards to surrender as Edgar is fatally stabbed. Curtis leads Mason, Namgoong, Yona, skilled fighter Grey, and Tanya and Andrew (two parents who have had their children snatched from them) to the front of the train.


Whereas, Curtis’ gang travels in a number of luxury automobiles. Namgoong and Yona notice a landmark outside and believe the ice is melting. The gang arrives to a schoolroom, where a teacher is instilling Wilford’s grandeur in the students. To commemorate the eighteenth circumnavigation of the Earth, a bald guy presents eggs for the youngsters to crack open.

Subsequently, The bald guy walks to the tail army and shoots them with loaded automatic rifles hidden beneath the eggs, showing the existence of bullets. Similarly, Mason’s henchman Franco, as well as the detained guards, are liberated. The professor, who acquired a pistol from the bald man, murders Andrew before Grey murders her.

Franco broadcasts his execution of Gilliam to the classroom, prompting Curtis to murder Mason. Curtis’ gang continues on, but Franco catches up with them, murdering Grey and Tanya. Curtis and Namgoong appear to have murdered Franco. They, together with Yona, proceed on their journey.


Apart from this, Namgoong confesses in the last car before the engine that he gathered the narcotic Kronole in order to use it as an explosive to leave the train with Yona, believing they may live. Curtis stops them because he wants to see Wilford; Curtis reveals that 17 years ago, the tail portion of the train had turned to cannibalism, and he was ready to eat the newborn Edgar until Gilliam handed him his arm instead.

Also, Curtis wishes to confront Wilford and inquire as to why he constructed this isolated habitat. When the engine door opens, Wilford’s helper Claude appears, wounding Namgoong before letting Curtis inside.

Curtis sees Wilford and discovers, to his surprise, that he and Gilliam plotted to stage Curtis’ insurrection in order to lower the tail section’s population to sustainable levels. Wilford orders the assassination of 74% of the tail passengers. He then offers Curtis the role of train captain. Yona overpowers Claude, runs in, and pulls open a floorboard to see Andrew and Tanya’s children, Andy and Timmy, running the engine as slaves.


Besides, Curtis, outraged, knocks out Wilford and saves Timmy from the machines, despite losing one arm in the process. Curtis hands Yona matches to ignite the Kronole’s fuse, while Namgoong fights and kills Franco, who had followed them along with partygoers from another automobile. Because the door to the engine room will not close, Curtis and Namgoong use their bodies to shield Yona and Timmy from the blast.

In Addition, The explosion causes an avalanche, which derails and ruins the railway. Yona and Timmy flee the wreckage as Namgoong is unconscious. They spot a polar bear in the distance, signalling that life exists beyond the train. The bear notices them.