This Christmas Universal Pictures is coming to fill your life with more adventure, fantasy, and laughter. The wait is finally over. Because once again Puss is coming to your cinemas and home theaters after almost a decade. He is going to take you on an adventurous ride in a parallel animated world of San Ricardo. Not to mention this but Puss will steal your hearts with his black flowing cape, black belt, silver sword, and dashing long heel boots. That is why we call him Puss in Boots.

General Overview

Genre: Animated, Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy

Director: Joel Crawford

Production: DreamWorks Animation

Distributed by: Universal Pictures

Language: English


Antonio Banderas

Salma Hayek

Olivia Colman

Harvey Guillen

Samson Kayo

Wagner Moura

Anthony Mendez

John Mulaney

Florence Pugh

Da’Vine Joy Randolph

Ray Whinstone

Background of Puss in Boots

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish is a sequel to the 2011 movie Puss in Boots. This movie is presented by the Shrek Franchise and is a spin-off of the Shrek productions. It is important to note that Shrek and Puss are made by DreamWorks Animation. They possess all the rights of both characters. Shrek is the main series and Puss in Boots is the subsidiary or daughter production and it contains two movies yet.

Significantly, the sequel of Puss was announced in 2014, and production work also commenced the same year. Firstly, the sequel was name Puss in Boots2: Nine Lives and 40 thieves, however, the name changed and finalized to Puss in Boots: The Last Wish. The Trademarks are attached to the latter name.

Picture credits to DreamWorks fandom

The plot of the Movie

Pray for mercy from…Puss in Boots!

Puss is the lead character of an outlaw cat who in the prequel defeats criminals. Now, Puss is back but he has consumed eight out of nine lives. He sets out on a journey to find out a last magical wish. Fulfillment of the wish will restore his life. Moreover, he is accompanied by his counterpart Kitty Softpaws and a disguised therapy dog Perro.  Meanwhile, he also escapes and defeats his enemies who want to push him down.

Picture credits to Dreamworks fandom

Characters and voices

Antonio Banderas as Puss in Boots (the lead outlaw cat)

Salma Hayek as Kitty Softpaws (Puss lover counterpart)

Harvey Guillen as Perro, (therapy dog and self-proclaimed friend of Puss)

Da’Vine Joy Randolph as Mama Luna (the lady who has cats at her residence)

Olivia Colman as Mama Bear

Ray Winstone as Papa Bear

Samson Kayo as Baby Bear

Wagner Moura as the Big Bad Wolf

John Mulaney as “Big” Jack Horner

Florence Pugh as Goldilocks

When the film will be out?

Shrek and animation lovers are anxiously waiting for the movie. It is declared by Universal Pictures that the film is going to be out at Christmas this year. The film is going to be released on 21 December 2022 in the United States.

Anatomy of the trailer of Puss in Boots

I am the Puss in Boots

We hear this from the Puss drinking milk and suddenly he sees a giant crushing the surroundings to dust. An encounter occurs between the two and Puss shows the giant “something cool.” Subsequently, he tells people that the “legend will never di…” while playing guitar, and suddenly a bourdon fells over his head. The doctor reveals to him he died and he reluctantly agrees that he has lost eight lives.

Furthermore, he needs to escape his enemies-Goldilocks and the Three Bears Crime Family. So, he musters up the courage and starts his journey to Mama Luna’s. A place for lap cats. Puss denies that he is not a lap cat. When he reaches there, he sees a lot of cats and gets confused. Mama Luna names him “pickles” and never likes this name.

However, one good thing happens that Puss finds a friend Perro who is a therapy dog. For the first time, Perro discloses that he is a therapy dog and not a cat. But suddenly the scenes change and the enemies reach at Mama Luna’s to find Puss. One of the Bears asks Mama Luna about Puss in Boots. In this inquiry Pickle exposes his reality that he is Puss in Boots.

Bounty hunters are hot at his tail Puss runs and asks Kitty Softpaws for help. Interestingly, a team of three members fights the enemies followed by a small soft scene between Puss and Kitty Softpaws.

For more fun see the trailer here