House of the Dragon RELEASE DATE

August 21,2022


Ramin Djawadi

House of the Dragon CAST

Starring by:

Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Emma D’Arcy, Olivia Cooke, Rhys Ifans, Steve Toussaint, Eve Best, Fabien Frankel, Sonoya Mizuno, Ghram McTavish, Matthew Needham, Jefferson Hall.

Actors and their roles:

  • Paddy Considine as King Viserys I Targaryen, Viserys is the first born son of King Jaehaerys’ second son Prince Baelon Targaryen. He is The fifth king of the Seven Kingdoms. Known as “a warm, kind, and decent man”
  • Matt Smith as Prince Daemon Targaryen, Known as the “Rogue Prince” for his unpredictable behaviors. He is The younger brother of King Viserys and the uncle of Princess Rhaenyra.
  • Emma D’Arcy as Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen. She is King Viserys’ daughter Praised as the “Realm’s Delight”.
  • Olivia Cooke as Lady Alicent Hightower: Rhaenyra’s childhood best friend and later the second wife of King Viserys.
  • Rhys Ifans as Ser Otto Hightower: Alicent’s father and the Hand of the King who serves King Viserys
  • Steve Toussaint as Lord Corlys Velaryon, Known as the “Sea Snake”. He is The head of House Velaryon, the wealthiest and most powerful clan in the realm.
  • Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Targaryen, King Viserys’ cousin and wife of Corlys Velaryon, known as the “Queen Who Never Was”.
  • Fabien Frankel as Ser Criston Cole: A skilled swordsman from the Dornish Marches and the common-born son of the steward to the Lord of Blackhaven.
  • Sonoya Mizuno as Mysaria: A foreign-born brothel dancer who rose to become Prince Daemon’s paramour and most trusted confidante.
  • Ghram McTavish as Ser Harrold Westerling: A seasoned knight who has served the Targaryens since King Jaehaerys. He is named the Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Matthew Needham as Larys Strong: The younger son of Lord Lyonel Strong, the Master of Laws.
  • Jefferson Hall as the identical twins (Lord Jason Lannister, Ser Tyland Lannister) from House Lanniste.

Recurring Cast

House of the Dragon cast also includes Tom Glynn-Carney, Phia Saban, Ewan Mitchell, Elliot Grihault, Harry Collett, John Macmillan, Bethany Antonia, Phoebe Campbell, Gavin Spokes, Phil Daniels, Anthony Flanagan, Nanna Blondell, Roger Evans, Solly McLeod    and Luke Tittensor in recurring roles.

Genres:  Serial, Fantasy, Fantasy television, Drama, Action fiction, Adventure fiction.

Country of origin: United States

Languages: English

Director: Greg Yaitanes

Producer: Karen Wacker, Angus More Gordon, Alexis Raben, Kevin Lau.

Writer: George R. R. Martin, Miguel Sapochnik, Ryan Condal.

Distributor: Warner Bros. Domestic, Television Distribution

Aspect Ratio: 2.00:1

Runtime: 53-66 minutes

House of the Dragon Plot:

House of the dragon is an American television series.  It is a prequel to Game of Thrones. The serial is set 200 years before the events of the Games of Throne. It covers the events of “Dance of the Dragons.”

House of dragons plot revolves around the events which lead to the Targaryen war of succession. The story follows the events 172 years before the birth of Daenerys Targaryen. The series tells about how the Targaryen started their rule through the “Aegon The Conquer”.

House of the Dragon episode 2 review the rogue prince daemon viserys  alicent rhaenyra

Jaeherys I the grandson of Aegon became the king after him. He was not able to produce an heir. So  he had  to choose either his granddaughter (Emma D’Arcy) or grandson (Paddy Considine) as his successor. He chooses his grandson Viserys (Paddy Considine). 

Viserys now became the king. But he also has the same problem as his heir. His wife died during the birth of their son. Now the decision was to be taken on whether Viserys son Daemon or his daughter Rhaenyra will be the next successor. Viserys choose Rhaenyra as his successor.

House of the Dragon' Trailer: Meet Westeros's (Maybe) First Queen

The series is getting a positive response from the audience. The premier episode became the most viewed one crossing millions of views. The main female characters and their performance is the center of attraction for audiences in particular.

House of the Dragon Trailer

House of the Dragon trailer was released on July 20, 2022. Along with revealing some of the characters the trailer also gives an idea to fans of what the series is about.