Director:  Etan Cohen


  • Chris Henchy
  • Will Ferrell
  • Adam McKay

Release Date:

  • March 16, 2015 (SXSW)
  • March 27, 2015 (United States)


Christophe Beck

Starring by:

  • Will Ferrell
  • Kevin Hart
  • Tip ‘T. I’ Harris
  • Alison Brie
  • Craig T. Nelson

Actors and their roles:

  • Will Ferrell as James King, a hedge fund manager. 
  • Kevin Hart as Darnell Lewis, a car wash attendant who helps James prepare for prison
  • Tip ‘T. I’ Harris as Russell, Darnell’s cousin who is the leader of the Crenshaw Kings.
  • Alison Brie as Alissa Barrow, the gold-digging fiancée of James and daughter of Martin Barrow
  • Craig T. Nelson as Martin Barrow, the head of Barrow Funds and father of Alissa who frames James for embezzlement.
  • Edwina Findley as Rita Lewis, Darnell’s wife
  • Ariana Neal as Makayla Lewis, Darnell and Rita’s daughter
  • Katia Gomez as Rosa, James’ maid
  • Erick Chavarria as Cecelio, James’ gardener
  • Greg Germann as Peter Penny, a lawyer associated with James and Martin
  • Paul Ben-Victor as Gayle, Martin’s hired help
  • John Mayer as himself, he performs at James and Alissa’s engagement party.
  • Nito Larioza as Jaoa
  • Jon Eyez as Big Mike
  • Dan Bakkedahl as Leo
  • Ron Funches as Jojo, a member of the Crenshaw Kings
  • Matt Walsh as Bathroom Stall Man
  • Elliot Grey as Judge V. Carlyle, the judge that presides over James’ trial
  • Dominique Perry as Shonda
  • Jimmy Fallon as himself, he interviews John Mayer about being present during James’ arrest
  • Dominique Perry as Shonda

 Genre: Comedy, Crime

Country of origin: United States

Languages: English

Writer: Jay Martel, Ian Roberts, Etan Cohen

Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures

Aspect Ratio:  1.85:1

Runtime:  100 minutes


Get Hard (2015) is an American comedy film. The film’s plot revolves around James King (Will Ferrell), a wealthy bank manager. He is convicted for a crime he didn’t commit. He then asks Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart), who washes his car, to prepare himself for the prison.

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James is engaged to Alissa Barrow (Alison Brie), the daughter of his boss, Martin Barrow (Craig T. Nelson). During their engagement party, James was arrested by the FBI under the charges of embezzlement and fraud. James did not plead guilty as he believed that he would be exculpated.

But James was found guilty and sentenced to ten years at San Quentin State Prison. The judge gave James one month to get his affairs right. Witnessing the situation, Alissa leaves James. James knew that he wouldn’t be able to survive in prison for long. So he turns to Darnell Lewis (Kevin Hart) for help. James assumes that Darnell has been imprisoned before, but he never was.

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Darnell agrees to help James on the condition that he will pay him $30,000. Darnell needed this money as he would then be able to admit his daughter to a better school. He tries his best to train James. He created different scenarios of the prison and taught James to defend himself. But all of Darnell’s efforts failed.

James later joins the Alliance of Whites gang for training, but the gang people think he is a cop, so they start to threaten him. But Darnell rescues him from there. Darnell and James later discovered that Martin was the actual crook. The duo then planned to visit the office and get the evidence against Martin so they could expose him.