Expected Release dates: July 27, 2022 (Premier), July 29, 2022 ( United States)
Language: English
Director: Jared Stern
Genre: Comedy, Animation
Cast: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Keanu Reeves, Marc Maron, Dascha Polanco
Producer: Patricia Hicks, Dwayne Johnson, Dany Garcia, Hiram Garcia, Jared Stern
Production: Warner Animation Group, DC Entrainment, Seven Bucks Production
Starring: Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, Keanu Reeves.
Country: United States


Dc League of Super-Pets is an upcoming American 3D computer-animated superhero comedy film. The film is based on the DC Comics superhero team Legion of Super-Pets. Director Jared Stern co-wrote the film with John Whittington. The film will be released on July 29 by its distributor Warner Bros. Pictures.

The film was initially set to be released on May 21, 2021, but the release date was pushed back to May 20, 2022. It was then pushed back to July 29, 2022, among the other films from Warner Bros. getting pushed due to production delays.

The Dc League of Super-Pets cast also includes Thomas Middleditch, Ben Schwartz, and Jameela Jamil. Their roles have not been disclosed yet. The first trailer of the film was unveiled in late 2021. The Dc League of Super-Pets trailer does a great job of setting up the story without revealing too much about the film.

DC League of Super Pets

It has plenty of laughs and gags. It features Krypto and another Super-pets adventurer to save the Justice League. Another trailer which was released in March 2022 centres on Batman and Dc League of Super-Pets Ace special connection. The trailer is pure magic. All the trailers of the movie are full of quips.

Krypto the Super-Dog and Superman are best friends sharing the same super powers and fighting crime by side in Metropolis. Krypto masters his power for a rescue mission when superman gets kidnapped. When the Justice League is captured by Lulu, Krypto forms a team of shelter pets who were given superpowers to save his owner and Superman friends. Together, they became a formidable team but will be they able to rescue Justice League?

DC League of Super Pets

There is hope in form of a bunch of shelter animals who have acquitted remarkable superpowers. Dc League of Super-Pets Ace, the dog gains extraordinary strength. Morton, the turtle gains super speed. PB is a pig that can grow in any size. Chip, the squirrel has electric abilities. They form a hilariously funny squad that is ready to save Justice League.

From the trailer, the expectation of viewers is very high because of how different it is from usual DC work with its perfect combination of wholesomeness of light-hearted humour. The film will probably occupy its own niche in the Extended Universe without crossing over with any live-action film franchise.

DC League of Super Pets

There is a lot of humour packed in the movie, it’s a kind of movie parents will enjoy watching with their kids. It comes out right in the middle of summer, the perfect time for kids to enjoy the movie during their vacations. The movie will be available in cinemas for 45 days before becoming available on HBO Max to stream.