Come Undone General Overview

  • Director; Silvio Soldini
  • Writer; Doriana Leondeff, Angelo Carbone and Mr. Soldini
  • Producer; Lionello Cerri
  • Director of photography; Ramiro Civita
  • Costumes; Silvia Nebiolo
  • Language; Italian with English subtitles
  • Running time; 2 hours 1 minute.
  • Genre; Romance, Drama
  • IMDb Rating; 6.0/10

Come Undone Cast

  • Alba Rohrwacher as Anna
  • Pierfrancesco Favino as Domenico
  • Giuseppe Battiston as Alessio
  • Teresa Saponangelo as Miriam)
  • Monica Nappo as Chicca
  • Tatiana Lepore as Bianca

Alba Rohrwacher, Pierfrancesco Favino in Come Undone 2010

What Happens In Come Undone

Infidelity is an act of the conscious mind and its creating blockade before your sensibilities and understanding of the surroundings is a cliché fact. Soldini’s movie Come Undone, a romantic drama, paced slowly with the very concept of betrayal with supplementary and resonating guilt, anxiety, and discomfort. Also, the things you do promptly drenched in the passion of deception bring uneasiness to your plausible family life. Shams soaked in glitters pointing toward torment end. Even the consequences you are well aware of rest naked beside you get unnoticed, unlike your innermost restlessness. Your tongue gets quiet but your face speaks out loud what your gut feels from inside and you are unable to spill it.

Alba Rohrwacher, Pierfrancesco Favino in balcony together in come undone
Alba Rohrwacher, Pierfrancesco Favino standing in Balcony in Come Undone

Primarily, Soldini portrays the cheating and disloyalty of two people who are already in relationships. The plot is simple and steady, it reveals the affair of two married people who end up in an adulterous relationship. Initially, it seems Anna (played by Alba Rohrwacher) is unaware of the family of Domenico (by Pierfrancesco Favino). Both have families to take care of but one with a stifling routine. The ambiguity in the desires of the character leaves you in an endless eagerness. Ultimately, the illicit affair proves a nightmare for two families with kids.

Who is Anna?

Come Undone meticulously explores all these feelings, moments, and consequences of love, lust, betrayal, and the wrecking of trust. Anna (by Alba Rohrwacher) and Alessio (by Giuseppe Battinston), an Italian middle-class couple struggle hard to meet their needs. Both share content and an empathizing life with friends, family, and acquaintances. Undoubtedly, they have a healthy long-term yet issueless relationship. On the face of it, their life isn’t miserable as both are lively people so to say.

Nonetheless, Anna doesn’t want to have kids and for that, she takes contraceptive pills. On the contrary, Alessio is mad about children. He insists Anna have kids more after the baby delivery of Anna’s sister (the first hurried scene of Come Undone). Surprisingly, she agrees not to take pills.

Domenic’s Unpleasant Life

In contrast, Domenico is a married man with two kids and a waiter in a restaurant. Undoubtedly, he has a skeptical wife who notices early the change in his behavior and extramarital affair, no matter how hard he tries to conceal it. 

Domenico has a tough schedule and Anna has more leisure time. Their relationship co-exists with a long chain of lies with spouses when they sneak out and financial restraints. No matter, their extramarital affair is full of passion and desire, which is in full bloom in that shady room with the red light of the motel yet its repercussions are undesirable and poignant in dept. sadly, what’s done cannot be undone.

Alba Rohrwacher, Pierfrancesco Favino in a restaurant in come undone
Alba Rohrwacher, Pierfrancesco Favino in a restaurant in come undone

What Happens To The Love? 

Both Anna and Domenico live an unglamorous yet precisely normal life with their respective families before falling for each other. Anna wakes up Alessio to shift her pregnant sister to the maternity ward before dawn. The way they help her during the delivery time shows they are empathetic towards their friends. However, we are not sure what is real happiness for Anna. Perhaps she is not getting what she wants from her relationship. Maybe the warmth of her love went cold. The fatalism of her innermost feelings for Alessio urges her to take a giant leap toward Domenico.

Nobody knows the casual glance during the first meeting of Anna and Domenico will result in a full fledge illicit affair.  It seems they have no intention to cheat on their partners. Although, Domenico uses euphemistic language with his wife and he has two kids. Still, he is a good husband and a father too. Needless to mention but they cannot help themselves and get away long with each other. They share the same bed in a cheap hotel, lie to their spouses, escape their responsibilities, and end up cutting each other off when get caught. There is nothing in the whole movie that you can be desirable not even spuriously. Sordini picturized this sensitive social issue in Come Undone not to make it desirable but to explain its annihilative after-effects on the lives of others who are connected to you.