Director:  Fabien Martorell

Writing Credits: William Gillin, Fabien Martorell, Sean Cameron, Michael, Siphoshetu Tshapu.

Genres: Crime, Drama, Thriller.

Starring By: Tessa Jubber

Langley Kirkwood

Luca de Massis

Zoey Sneedon

Bonko Khoza

Vuyo Dabula

Samke Makhoba

Music By: Sacha Chaban.

Distributed By: Netflix

Production Companies: Citizen Skull Productions, Do Productions, The Milton Empire, Lucky Rhino.

Filming Locations: Johannesburg, South Africa.


In the suspense drama Collision on Netflix, a father and mother race to save their daughter’s life. After being taken hostage by a local mobster, the girl doesn’t have much time before joining a network of human traffickers.

In the Johannesburg-based film Collision, the lives of a corporate employee, a mobster, a group of kids, and a local shopkeeper are intertwined. The movie depicts the country’s enduring layers of racism, class disparity, and corruption. The movie starts with a vehicle crash and a girl crying from one of the cars’ trunks.

We first meet Johan Gresser (Langley Kirkwood), a former soldier who serves as the head of security for a major firm, two days prior to this occurrence. He practices his speech because he will soon be promoted to CFO.


Nicki (Zoey Sneddon), his disobedient teenage daughter, is having a fight with her mother Diane (Tessa Juber) about packing for her month-long vacation to LA, which she is not at all interested in.

Then comes Bra Sol (Vuyo Dubula), a local criminal who runs a nightclub and has a number of illicit projects up and running as a result of his regular payments of bribes to politicians and officials.

Furthermore, in the drama Collision, When the mayor of the city asks 500,000 South African rand in exchange for transferring a sizable shipment of his, he finds himself in a pickle. He threatens to halt work of Bra Sol’s school if the required funds are not provided.

Johan receives a visit from Bra Sol regarding some business, which seems to imply that Johan has collaborated with the mobster for the sake of his enterprise. Then he proceeds to Mr. Dinoko’s shop, which is run by her daughter Palesa (Samke Makhoba), and pays them for their services.


Dinoko is angry with the immigrants from Zimbabwe and Nigeria who have made it harder for the native South Africans to make a living by snatching their jobs and bringing in cheaper items from overseas. On the other hand, Palesa does not feel the same way.

Cecil (Siphesihle Vazi) and Thando are two more significant newcomers (Mpho Sebeng). While Thando believes in working odd jobs for gangsters and getting quick money, the former is a budding musician. He is familiar with Bra Sol well.

Nicki is later dropped off by Diane close to her school, but she skips and instead goes to visit Cecil, who turns out to be her boyfriend. Johan, however, does not receive the same promotion as his superior and sister-in-law. According to Sunette, the board preferred their suggested candidate—a more seasoned black woman—for diversity and better numbers.


As the day goes on, Diane receives a call from Nicki’s school informing her that she hasn’t shown up and is now absent a third time this week. Diane invents a justification and calls Nicki back on her voicemail.

Nicki spends the day partying and smoking pot with Thando and Cecil. She confesses her hate for her parents and her reluctance to move to Los Angeles. Cecil, on the other hand, urges her to go and calls it a fantastic chance.

Bra Sol notices Cecil performing at his club and offers him a job. Additionally, he examines Nicki and has a private conversation with Thando about persuading her to work at the club.

Later, in Collision, when he does show up, Nicki’s whereabouts cause a fight between the couple. Johan inspects her phone after she returns home late at night and discovers, much to his chagrin, that she has a black boyfriend. After arguing, they retire to bed.

Additionally, Palesa’s ex-boyfriend Given alerts her father when he sees her hanging out with a man by the name of Adze. Dinoko already dislikes Adze for being an immigrant from Nigeria and renting the space he needed to grow his business. He loses it after hearing of his daughter’s contact with him.