Release Date:  May 26, 2023

Directed by: Ric Roman Waugh

Produced by: Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, Brandon Boyea, Gerard Butler

Starring: Gerard Butler, Navid Negahban, Ali Fazal, Bahador Foladi, Nina Toussaint-White, Vassilis Koukalani, Travis Fimmel

Genre: Action, War

America’s 2023 action movie Kandahar, which is called Mission Kandahar in Canada, was directed by Ric Roman Waugh and written by Mitchell LaFortune. In addition to Gerard Butler (who also produces the movie), Ali Fazal, Navid Negahban, Bahador Foladi, Nina Toussaint-White, Tom Rhys Harries, Vassilis Koukalani, Mark Arnold, Corey Johnson, and Travis Fimmel also play minor roles. Though not exactly true, the story is about a CIA agent and his translator who have to leave Afghanistan after their secret mission is discovered.

Movie Plot

As a freelance agent working for the CIA, Tom Harris puts malware into a secret Iranian nuclear research center. Tom’s cover is a field worker for a Swiss company that does work in communications. His task is successful, and the malware stops the facility from working so that Iran can’t get any more nuclear weapons.

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The Iranian government has been keeping an eye on Luna Cujai, a British reporter. She gets proof from a source who spoke out that the CIA is still trying to destroy Iran’s nuclear projects. After the building is destroyed, she is arrested by Farzad’s Iranian security service. She tells the Iranians that she thinks there is a link between the Swiss contractor and the destruction of the building because their work is close to government sites. Oliver, Harris’s partner in the plan, is killed by the Iranian Special Force the next day, after both of their identities were stolen.

Tom leaves Iran and goes through Dubai on his way to London. His flight to London is delayed, so he stays in Dubai and sees Roman Chalmers, who works for the CIA. Roman recently became a Muslim, but he lives like a Dubai snob, which is a lifestyle he secretly hates. Roman says that he pushed back the flight to make this meeting happen. Tom agrees to Roman’s rich CIA job offer in Herat, Afghanistan, because it will earn him enough money to pay for his daughter’s medical school costs.

Kandahar: Ali Fazal Spent Nearly A Full Learning Dirt Biking & Its Tricks  In The Sand, Says "We Couldn't Fake A Lot Of Stuff…”
Kandahar: Ali Fazal Spent Nearly A Full Learning Dirt Biking & Its Tricks In The Sand, Says “We Couldn’t Fake A Lot Of Stuff…”

After he gets to Herat, the news reports that Tom was the agent who destroyed the nuclear plant because of a leak of information. The job in Herat is over because his cover has been broken. Roman tells Tom and Mohammad “Mo” Doud, his Afghan-American guide, to go to a place in Kandahar where they can be taken out. When Farzad and Pakistani security services find out that Tom is in Herat, they both send agents to capture him. Pakistan wants to hold Tom hostage and sell him for any amount of money. Farzad and ISI spy Kahil Nassir are after Tom and Mo, but they get away from both of them and go to the desert.

Farzad attacks Tom and Mo in a chopper while they are on their way to Kandahar. Farzad and the other people on the plane are killed by Tom. Tom and Mo are now on foot and are trying to get help from Tom’s friend, an Afghan leader who is not part of the government Taliban. Mo tells Tom and the warlord that the warlord killed Mo’s son a long time ago. The warlord gets angry, but he still gives Tom and Mo a car, and they leave the warlord’s camp.

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At the same time, Roman stops talking to the CIA and goes to Afghanistan to join the Afghan SF Commandos while pretending to be an ISIS-K unit. Tom and Mo are taken by a commander in the Taliban who Ihil paid. His warrior friend sold him out, Tom thinks. Roman and the squad fighters go after the holdup where Tom and Mo are being held. The leader of the Taliban is killed. After Kahil gets to the fight scene, he figures out that the attackers were lying because the CIA paid for their plan. Roman, Tom, and Mo get out of the compound in a car while the fight goes on. Kahil sets up another Taliban unit to catch Tom because he thinks Tom will use an old CIA airfield to escape.

Kahil attacks Tom, Roman, and Mo’s car just as they get to the extraction spot. Roman is seriously hurt and jumps off the car to buy some time to rest. Roman says the Shahada before he dies. After the Taliban hit their car, Tom fights Kahil and hurts him badly. But a CIA chief orders an illegal missile attack on the Taliban who are still after them. This lets Tom and Mo get away on a military cargo plane from Britain. The British reporter is let go, and Tom and Mo go back to their homes.

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